Mila’s yoga outdoor maternity session . Donabate cliff walk . Dublin family photographer . imagined by Sofia


Do you ever have the feeling that people come into your life for a reason?

Mila’s friend’s surprised her with this maternity photo session. I was really happy when they contacted me and told me that their friend is absolutely amazing and she would like to have a bit different maternity photo shoot. She is a loves yoga and she wants the photographer to capture some images while she does her favourite  yoga poses. I knew straight away she is my cup of tea:) I like yoga, I like nature, I like fun, I just love outdoor photo sessions:)

Mila is amazing:) she is strong, beautiful person and a really kind, mean really kind. We have since gone on to stay in touch and we have a ton in common.

Mila and I had a great time together in Donabate. We talked and laughed a lot. I really enjoyed every minute of this shoot:)  I hope you will too!



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