Outdoor maternity session . Dublin . Imagined by Sofia

So many great people have come into my life since starting my photography journey. This family is one of the many.. I am so glad that Timi contacted me to take these special photos of them and I cannot wait to meet their little girl.. 3v9a8258 3v9a8248 3v9a8365 3v9a8362 3v9a8372 3v9a8416-copy 3v9a8419 3v9a8355 3v9a8312 3 3v9a8458 3v9a8457-copy 2 3v9a8488 3v9a8497 3v9a8474 5 untitled-1 3v9a8565 3v9a8468-copy 3v9a8440 3v9a8430-copy 3v9a8579-copy-3 3v9a8628 3v9a8632