maternity and newborn session whith one of the loveliest family ever :)

I love outdoor photo sessions. Just like this maternity session with my friends. Couple months ago, this trip down to one my favourite places, Donabate, came with lots of wind, but this maternity session went on and it was a wonderful evening on the beach.

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3V9A9973 copyThen they  newest addition, Márk made an appearance. He was about a week late but he decided to make a remarkable fast entrance to this side of the world.  He was a week old when I photographed all four of them. Kata & Csaba are such wonderful parents to baby Márk and Milan.  Also it was so good to experience, how Milan cares so much for his little baby brother. He is almost two years old and he wants constantly hug and kiss his little brother. these are some of the photos I took during our newborn session. I hope you will like them:) Enjoy!

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