Maternity & Newborn Photo Session with a gorgeous family

small world..

Judit and I studied economics in the same college in Hungary and we never met there. Our paths have crossed in Dublin when she contacted me. She and her family wanted me to capture them before their second daughter arrived and after she was born.

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to share these images. Dublin in home maternity & newborn photography sessions. I really love in home photo sessions, I have a very special feel about them. It is an absolute privilege that I am invited into families most intimate space, their home, especially after such a wonderful life event like having a baby.

On both occasions when I walked into this home I felt welcomed . There was an easy feel about them, they were laid back and relaxed.

I captured them simply loving, when they laughed, snuggled, and played together a lot.

I hope you will enjoy these photos:)


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