Harvey’s lifestyle newborn photo session . Lusk . Imagined by Sofia


Well hello there,

as your photographer, I just want to show you this session with baby Harvey and his lovely parents. For me it sums all what a documentary newborn photo session should be.  A piece of the everyday, preserved in images for generations. But not just any day –   A short period of time after baby Harvey made an appearance.  This family will never be the same again, because babies grow fast and change rapidly, especially in this young age.

And I just want you to see what I saw that day in their home.  Love, happiness, warmth, calm, tiredness. I took pictures all over the house, like in the living room and in the bedroom. My images are as natural as can be, so what you’re seeing here isn’t posed.

This is family.

Love & hugs

your photographer,   Sofia

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