six friends & nine kids fun photo session . imagined by Sofia

“I exist because I have friends. I survived because they were there on my path.”

Paulo Coelho

I had the privilege to photograph these six amazing women with their gorgeous children. This photo session was about to celebrate their friendship. They know each other from school and they are best friends since.

When Anna contacted me and told me that they would like to arrange a outdoor photo session with me, I really loved the idea. My first thought was I have to do something similar with my own friends:) She told me about her friends, some of them live in other parts of the world and the others call Dublin home, but this time they all came to Dublin. So this was the perfect time to go ahead with the session, and I am so happy the weather was good as well.

We had a lovely afternoon on the beach in Donabate, we laughed, hugged, held hands, ran with the kite, ran after the kite ( 🙂 ), collected shells, jumped, played in the ponds, splashed the water,  swam in the sea, got very wet, changed clothes couple of times. Even a dog joined us for a while… I presume he just joined to the best group of people he had the most fun with.

I am really happy to be a part of this great gathering:) We had so much fun.

Thank you so much Anna for organising it:)



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