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I was so flattered when Gillian contacted me and asked me to take photos of her gorgeous children, Saffy & Beau. I want to share the photos of this wonderful family. Here they are:)3V9A0140 copy 3V9A0187 3V9A0252 3V9A0623 3V9A0015 3V9A0019 3V9A0045 5 3V9A9898 copy 3 Untitled-1 3V9A0285 3V9A0295 copy 3V9A0456 Untitled-2 3V9A0352 3V9A0099 Untitled-3 3V9A0102 copy 3V9A0103 copy 3V9A0133 7 3V9A0641 copy 8 4 3V9A0074 copy 3 3V9A0069 copy 6