Vani & Chris // Porto couple session

Sometimes you get something so right. You just know, you don’t want to end it.

That is how I felt with these two, Vani & Chris.

We spent few days in Porto together. This couple invited me to meet up with them in this magical town.  Having fantastic conversations while exploring the city & dining out , drinking wonderful wine in the Porto wineries. It was a rare treat for me, thank you so much guys!F33A8654 F33A7956 F33A7974 F33A7952 F33A8456 F33A8199 F33A8156 F33A8177 F33A8133 F33A8134 F33A8127 F33A8087 F33A8430 F33A8119 F33A8037 F33A8281 F33A8491 F33A8525 F33A8536 F33A8578 F33A8671