Julcsi / maternity session / Budapest

One of the most amazing feeling about photography is that you create something.  Something what makes your clients and you happy. As time has gone by, and I’ve had many shoots under my belt  – I’ve visualised to create something, something timeless and wonderful. I can be proud of, you can look back on, remember. This vision has been in my mind for years and when I had the first phone conversation with Julcsi and she told me her ideas, I instantly knew it going to finally happen, that I am going to create what I had for so many years in the back of my mind. Here is the imaginary of our photo session:) I hope you’ll like … Continue reading “Julcsi / maternity session / Budapest”

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Vani & Chris // Porto couple session

Sometimes you get something so right. You just know, you don’t want to end it. That is how I felt with these two, Vani & Chris. We spent few days in Porto together. This couple invited me to meet up with them in this magical town.  Having fantastic conversations while exploring the city & dining out , drinking wonderful wine in the Porto wineries. It was a rare treat for me, thank you so much guys!

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Adri & Andris // Hungary engagement shoot

If you haven’t worked this out already, I love being outdoor with the couples I take photos of, and I always search for the next epic location. So when Adri and Andris asked if I would be up for a walk & shoot at the Lake Balaton for their engagement session, I said yes! Late one afternoon I drove down from Budapest to Tihany to meet these two lovely people. We decided we will go to a place where I already was once hiking. We drove on several back roads to get to this beautiful scenery. These two are one of the most wonderful and genuine couples you’ll meet. They brought their puli, Pulcsi with them along. Adri and Andris, thank you for it! I … Continue reading “Adri & Andris // Hungary engagement shoot”

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baby Josh . in home newborn photo session . Dublin family photographer

Congratulations Natasha & Dave:) Your family is absolutely gorgeous! Baby Josh graced this wonderful family of four earlier this year and made this cool little fella a big brother! The last time I saw this beautiful family was when Jake was a newborn. I’m beyond happy to be invited back into their home to capture all the happiness & snuggles saved for their new baby boy.

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baby Adam . newborn photo session . imagined by Sofia

my heart is so happy when a family books the newborn session with me. not only because i want to think  they adore my style of capturing,  it’s because i know that they want to capture these wonderful moments. to remember their little ones when they were newborn babies, when all children were small, when their marriage was young. these moments pass so quickly and never get back. when I do a session i always focus on you and your beloved ones.

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mom & daughters outdoor photo session . imagined by Sofia

pls click on it 🙂  slideshow oh what can I say about these gorgeous girls? they are so special to me. this is not the firs time I photographed Martina and her beautiful daughters. they were one of my first customers 3.5 years ago when Lucie was only 2 months old.  this time we met in the Wicklow Mountains to spend the morning in the woods near to the Mountpelier Hill. Christina and Lucie ‘s  relationship was so charming and you could tell how much love these girls have for each other. Lucie held Christina’s hand, hugged on, and followed her big sister most of the time, they giggled so much and I loved every minute of it.  we enjoyed being outside in this wonderful woods, … Continue reading “mom & daughters outdoor photo session . imagined by Sofia”

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imagined by sofia

maternity session . outdoor maternity session . imagined by sofia

here they are, Poline and Yanis it’s always such a treat spending time with these gorgeous people! they’re such a sweet, loving couple. i can only imagine the baby, Poline about to bring into the world. i love the opportunity to make a family happy with the images i create for them.  this couple, makes that very easy.

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maternity and newborn session whith one of the loveliest family ever :)

I love outdoor photo sessions. Just like this maternity session with my friends. Couple months ago, this trip down to one my favourite places, Donabate, came with lots of wind, but this maternity session went on and it was a wonderful evening on the beach. Then they  newest addition, Márk made an appearance. He was about a week late but he decided to make a remarkable fast entrance to this side of the world.  He was a week old when I photographed all four of them. Kata & Csaba are such wonderful parents to baby Márk and Milan.  Also it was so good to experience, how Milan cares so much for his little baby brother. He is almost two … Continue reading “maternity and newborn session whith one of the loveliest family ever :)”

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Liz & Joe, Aherlow House Hotel Wedding Photos, imagined by Sofia

  “We loved with a love that was more than love.” – Edgar Allan Poe

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imagined by Sofia

mother & son outdoor photo session, Pontevedra, imagined by Sofia

Last month I have visited my dear friend and her cute little son in Spain🙂 I was so waiting for this holiday. This was the first time for me to meet this little fella. We decided to have a photo session very close to their home in Galicia. We found this wonderful place in the mountains near Moaña. I was amazed how much love this 9 months old boy has for his momma. I watched them, captured those hugs and smiles and I think the outcome is very special. I hope you will enjoy this selection of photos:) Sofia

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